More remote live streams on the way!

We’ve been busy engineering more actually live music streams using the platform created by our main man, Doug Hunt.

Check out this longer performance by the British soul band MAMAS GUN:

These streams where made possible with Tin Pan Studio. Check it out at :

First live to vinyl internet show.

This Wednesday 29/04/2020, we will be doing something very special. In what we believe is a world first, British soul band Mamas Gun will become the first group in history to cut a vinyl record live over the internet while isolated in their respective homes. 

In collaboration with Soho Radio, Jägermeister and Mamas Gun, Tune in at 17:00 BST, Wednesday 29/04/2020 at the link below:

Making music over the internet sounds like a simple enough proposition; everyone connects to a group video chat and start jamming, right? Unfortunately, the fly in this particular ointment comes in the form of “latency” and services like Zoom and Skype have lots of it.

On a group chat, or in the studio, latency is the delay between one participant making a sound, and the other participants hearing that sound. Latency is inevitable when data travels over the internet and if the latency between collaborating musicians is too high, it becomes impossible for them to stay in time.

For years this has been the greatest challenge facing anyone seeking to develop an on-line musical collaboration system. Finally, in 2020, the internet has matured to the point where online group musical performances are really possible. 

Spurred on by the recent sudden cancellation of all festivals and concerts, our own Doug Hunt set out on a mission to bring the joy of live music to the many people isolated by the current global situation. After weeks of late nights and cold coffee, the fruits of his labours are ready in the form of a system that allows what was previously thought impossible.

Miss Pole Dance

We’ve had a long relationship with Pole Passion and the Pole Fitness industry in general. Events in this field have a very specific set of requirements and time constants which we are hugely experienced in catering for.

This year we supplied 31 intelligent lighting fixtures along with Chamsys control and a lighting operator. We also took care of the rigging to support the poles themselves and a projector and video playback system along with pyrotechnics to ensure the show went with a bang!

Wimp 2 Warrior MMA final

Mixed martial arts competition had seen a huge surge in growth over the last few years and with this has come increased levels of production for the events on which it centres around.

Earlier in the year we provided a complete lighting, video, sound and rigging service to the Wimp 2 Warrior UK final held at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London.

We supplied 63 lighting fixtures, MLA compact PA, and a 4 camera mix to the lively crowd, all crewed and operated by our skilled engineers.



Battersea Park Fireworks

With a sold out crowd of over 50,000 and working in Central London, minimising leakage to the surrounding residents, while maintaining the required coverage and impact within the audience area was paramount. Martin Audio’s award winning MLA Compact was the perfect solution all round.

Two hangs of Martin Audio MLA Compact where deployed along with with additional elements to provide front-fill. The system was programmed by our own Doug Hunt to cover the 150m deep audience area before quickly dropping off to avoid annoying nearby residents and food vendors. The two hangs were supplemented by eight Martin Audio WS218X subwoofers powered by MA12k-DSP amplifiers to add the crucial low end.

The event was a great success despite the threat of rain, and Jubilee Fireworks did fantastic work putting on another awesome display.

Miss Pole Dance UK 2015

Miss Pole Dance put on another excellent competition back in October with Lighting, Pyrotechnics, Projection and Rigging Supplied by DHSL. Pole fitness events have a unique set of requirements and challenges which we have extensive experience in catering for.






Congratulations to Jess Leanne Norris, Michael Donohoe and Yvette Dusol & Jade Tinkler for taking their UK titles.

Innocence Nightclub gets the DHSL treatment

Innocence Nightclub in sunny Newmarket recently received a complete new sound & light system, specced and installed by Doug Hunt Sound & Light.

Along with a monstrous soundsystem and state of the art lighting, we provided laser and CO2 effects.

KLARK TEKNIK DN9650 AES-50 Bridge in stock!

A happy new year to everyone! This is a nice piece of kit for the techy types. A 1u box that allows us 64 bi-directional channels between midas AES-50 and a host of other networking standards. This allows us to record 64 channels direct from our midas consoles for later mixdown or virtual sound-checks as well as allowing us to link into other manufacturers’ audio networks. Very handy!


Amazon Carols by Kindlelight with MLAc and Midas

We recently co-ordinated audio for a very special carol service held by Amazon at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios. Performers included Annie Lennox, Alfie Boe, Imelda May, Laura Wright, Sol3 Mio and Voces8.RPK Tramplin

Subscribers to Amazon Prime can access the full show HERE for free.

With 62 channels of audio being distributed to 4 sound consoles among 3 crews, with only a morning to set up, co-ordination was key to ensure the event ran smoothly.

The show was a great success and our MLA compact performed flawlessly, even when operatic trio Sol3 Mio wanted to begin their rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” from the audience area.

In addition to the PA, we supplied Midas Pro series at front of house, operated by our own Doug Hunt.

A Wasing Woodland Wedding

Back in June we took care of the production for a very special wedding held at Wasing Park near Reading. The Brief from wedding planners Pocket Full of Dreams was to transform the picturesque woodland in to a “Decadent Disco” themed party with bespoke aspects and visually interesting features.Овца



mattparry photography-134

We made use of mirror balls and pendant lights to create features in the trees.



mattparry photography-68

And up-lit the woodland in vivid colours to create a striking background while using festoon to provide natural light to see by.

mattparry photography-150

A discreet audio system was also provided for the ceremony along with another small PA for speeches and Background music in the Dining area. The main party area featured more substantial PA and Lighting for DJs including MJ Cole and Horse Meat Disco.

mattparry photography-147

mattparry photography-32

mattparry photography-49

In addition to the technical production we also provided all site power generation and distribution.

mattparry photography-74

mattparry photography-77

We had a ball producing this unique experience for the wedding guests and wish the happy couple all the best for the future.

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