April 27, 2020

First live to vinyl internet show.

This Wednesday 29/04/2020, we will be doing something very special. In what we believe is a world first, British soul band Mamas Gun will become the first group in history to cut a vinyl record live over the internet while isolated in their respective homes. 

In collaboration with Soho Radio, Jägermeister and Mamas Gun, Tune in at 17:00 BST, Wednesday 29/04/2020 at the link below:

Making music over the internet sounds like a simple enough proposition; everyone connects to a group video chat and start jamming, right? Unfortunately, the fly in this particular ointment comes in the form of “latency” and services like Zoom and Skype have lots of it.

On a group chat, or in the studio, latency is the delay between one participant making a sound, and the other participants hearing that sound. Latency is inevitable when data travels over the internet and if the latency between collaborating musicians is too high, it becomes impossible for them to stay in time.

For years this has been the greatest challenge facing anyone seeking to develop an on-line musical collaboration system. Finally, in 2020, the internet has matured to the point where online group musical performances are really possible. 

Spurred on by the recent sudden cancellation of all festivals and concerts, our own Doug Hunt set out on a mission to bring the joy of live music to the many people isolated by the current global situation. After weeks of late nights and cold coffee, the fruits of his labours are ready in the form of a system that allows what was previously thought impossible.