MLA Compact

Martin Audio MLA Compact now in stock

Since their announcement in 2010 Martin Audio MLA systems have been redefining what is considered possible in the field of live sound reinforcement.

MLA cellular technology combines ground-breaking cellular array design with fast, automated intelligent software to deliver a dramatically increased level of performance and coverage consistency compared to conventional line array technology.

In the short time since its introduction, the full-size MLA has received multiple awards for innovation. Now, MLA Compact™ brings the revolutionary cellular technology behind MLA to a wider range of touring and installed sound applications.

DH-MA-OBATo us, this means we have un unprecedented level of control over where our sound is heard but also, where it is not.

Within the Display 2 software we can define physical areas as audience or “hard aviod” and reconfigure the PA while it is in use, over a wired or wireless network link, inaudibly to the audience.

To you, this means you have more consistent coverage over your audience, a quieter stage and less leakage to other areas. Happier Audience, Happier Performers, Happier Neighbours.

If you would like to know more about this exciting technology, you can either head over to the martin audio website HERE or give us a call to discuss your requirements.