For sale items pics

Hi everyone,
Time to clear out some kit to make space in the warehouse…
Lots on offer!
Contact Doug (at) this website or 07958039992
Images can be seen below
All items for collection from our warehouse in Epping, Essex.
2x CAW BOY 2×15 cabs bi-amped on NL4 loaded with 2x Eminence Delta pro 15A and 1x Precision Devices PD.C2 2″ compression driver £300 ea.
6x CAW BOY 2×15 cabs tai-amped on NL8 loaded with 2x Fane Sovereign Pro 15-600LF and 2x Eminence PSD2002/16 £300 ea
4x CAW BOY 2×15 cabs unloaded with grills £50 ea
2x 18″ Scoops loaded with PD1850 on NL4 (tatty carpet covering) £300 ea
2x twin 18″ Reflex subs loaded with PD1850 (prototypes with differing internals but same dimensions (with grills not shown in pics) on NL4 £550 ea
3x OHM TRS115 monitor/PA cabs with original drivers (differing revisions) £150 ea
6x RCF Event 6000 2×15 1×6 + horn converted to 3way active. £400 ea
4x RCF ESW1080 1×18″ “horn reflex” Sub £300 ea
4x Dragon Spirit passive/bi-amp switchable 1×15 monitor cabs in dual flight cases upgraded with Eminence 2002 compression drivers – surprisingly good monitor cabs! £400 per pair with flight case
6x 2x JBL JRX100/sound factor monitor/PA cabs with eminence drivers 1 blown top, 1 blown low. £20 each.
2x professionally built 1×15 1×2 passive monitor/PA cabs one missing HF driver both lows (will be PD or eminence) in bad shape £100 the pair.
1x PD1850 in need of recone £80
2x Random 2×12 speakers (with shure stickers on the front for some reason) no information. very tatty condition. likely crap. £50 the pair
1x Soundcraft K2 mixing console in 24ch frame in tatty flight case. With PSU and cable. Working £400
1x Allen & Heath GL2400 32 channel mixing console in good working condition in wheeled flight case £700
2x Pioneer CDJ800 Cd Decks in flight cases £250 the pair .
1x Pioneer DJM700 Black. £350
1x BSS FDS360 with cards for Turbosound TMS4 £20 
1x Sony 5 CD changer £40
3x Behringer 2×31 band graphic £50 ea
1x Behringer ultramaximiser £40
1x C Audio ST400 amp NOW TESTED working but unknown history or reliability £50
1x Cloud CV1000 amp NOW TESTED working but unknown history or reliability £50
1x Phonic 2×31 band graphic EQ £50
1x DBX 2231 2x31band graphic EQ £150
1x BSS soundweb green 9088iis £220
1x BSS soundweb green 9088 £200
2x sony 4 way 3″ B&W purview monitors work but burnt  SOLD
1x Tascam CD-RW700 2u CD recorder with rack ears £100
1x Behringer 1/4″ patch bay 1u 48 way £20
1x phonic 1u power conditioner/distro £20
1x CAM v203 2way stereo or 3way mono crossover – unknown condition £20
1x Gemini CDX-601 CD player unknown condition £10
1x phonic 2×15 band graphic EQ £20
1x Sony minidisk recorder £20
1x samson quad gate £30
3x DBX266XL dual compressor £50ea
1x lexicon MPX100 FX units (can only find one PSU at the mo but the other must be here somewhere) £50 ea
2x random ‘lucky dip’ crates of cable £100 for both.
Also video stuff –
2x Manfrotto 503HDV fluid drag Tripod stands in bags good nick £200 ea
1x Manfrotto 503HDV fluid drag Tripod stands in bag broken £100
1x complete live video mixing/streaming rack with:
– 10/100 switch with gigabit uplinks
– 8 way component/composite Video DA
– kramer component/composite converter
– kramer picture in picture/4 view unit
– snell & willcox MagicDAVE vision mixer
– Darim MV-401 EXP streamer server running windows and wirecast
– Quad core utility windows PC also running wirecast with USB capture card as backup.
– composite preview monitor.
– all racked ready to go – missing top section of rack
2x Cannon XHA1 1080 HD cameras (one has intermittent DV connector) with bags, charger and 2x batteries each. £300 ea